Changing lives one step at a time.

Step One | Drop-In Center:

Guests coming to the Drop-In Center are predominantly homeless men and women who are living on the street or living in other shelters which only provide overnight accommodations. From 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., approximately 150 men and women visit the drop-in center daily to access services such as meals, clothing, showers, rest, medical referrals, counseling and support.

Step Two | Emergency Shelter:

Men who are over the age of 18 and are willing to remain sober are offered a six night stay in our dry shelter. During their stay, men receive meals, snacks access to medical care, and an opportunity to receive assistance with employment, finances, legal issues, and housing. Guests who are interested in breaking the cycle of homelessness can request an extended stay in the shelter so they can be considered for enrollment into the "Umoja" Program. In order to be considered for the Umoja Program, men must be sober and desire a change.

Step Three | Umoja Program

"Umoja" (a Swahili word meaning "Unity") is the name of our men's faith-based residential, recovery and transitional program. Men address the life controlling problems that have hindered their success and realize that "change is possible." The program consists of three phases which are designed to bring men from homelessness to independence and self-sufficiency.

Phase I
Men receive case management and participate in a series of intense classes designed to address their mind, body and spirit. There is no service fee. (3-4 months)

Phase II
Men focus on maintaining employment, saving income, and paying off debts while they continue to receive case management. Men pay a service fee based on their income. (3-6 months)

Phase III
The final phase of the Umoja program is located at "Wellington House," a single room occupancy that many call home. Located in Arlington, Wellington House can serve 20 men and is an ideal setting for those working men who are striving to become productive members of society. Men pay in income based service fee and can stay indefinitely.

Step Four  | Moving On:

After graduating from the continuum...

-Men maintain employment and continue to save money and lead self sufficient lives.
-Men stay connected to The Salvation Army family by attending activities such as Church services, Recognition Nights, and Spiritual Recovery Meetings.
-Men reunite with their families and move into their own apartment or home.

For more information or to enroll directly into the Umoja program, please contact:
Ashton Mazyck 
| P: 617.547.3400 | F: 617.491.7451 | Ashton.Mazyck@use.salvationarmy.org