Bridging the Gap | 402 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617.547.3400
Track 1 Schedule | Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday | 3:30-6:30pm | Dinner is provided.
Track 2 Schedule | Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday | 12:00-3:00pm | Lunch is provided.

Program Description:

Bridging The Gap enriches the lives of teenagers through a life-skills curriculum, site visits, and community service projects. The Bridging the Gap staff helps each youth to develop positive and successful decision-making skills.


-Preventing criminal activity
-Improve self-esteem and confrontations
with peers
-Strengthen communication, trust and understanding between participants and parents, family members and authoritative figures.
-Improve attendance and performance in school
-Develop a sense of responsibility and morality
-Discuss drug, alcohol and other relevant issues and concerns
-Form healthy decision-making skills
-Become familiar with community resources


-At-risk youth (First time offenders, court referred youth, CHINS, expelled youth, etc.)
-Males and females
-Between the ages of 12-21
-From any geographic location within the Middlesex County


-Anger management

*Students can request specific topics to be addressed. The curriculum is devised according to the needs of each group.


-To enroll in Bridging the Gap, please contact our staff at 617.547.3400.

How You Can Help:


Financial donations can be made payable to The Salvation Army - BTG and mailed to:
The Salvation Army, BTG Program, P.O. Box 390647, Cambridge, MA 02139.


-You can also help by providing a site visit or community service project.

-We are seeking donations of the following supplies: copy paper, pens, pencils, dry erase markers, post-its, 1 inch white binders with plastic cover, Science Museum passes, Aquarium passes, Duck Tour Tickets, Charles River Boat tickets, kayaking on the Charles tickets, juice boxes, lunch bags, birthday cards, congratulations cards, film cameras, socks, McDonald's coupons, Wendy's coupons, movie passes.

-Special Item Donations

-Back to School Packs - Backpack with a binder, notebook, pens, pencils, calculator, ruler and markers
-Birthday Party Packs - Cake mix, frosting, candles and a gift for a teen
-Gifts for Boys - Hooded zipper sweatshirts (L-XXL), black or white t-shirts (XXL-3XL), basketball shorts (L-XXL), footballs, basketballs
-Gifts for Girls - Jewelry, hair accessories, hooded zipper sweatshirts (S-XL), Bath and Body Works products
-Toiletry Totes - toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne/perfume, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shavers, shaving cream, towel
-First Aid Kit - Ice packs, band-aids, Neosporin


For more information or questions regarding Bridging The Gap, please contact the Cambridge Bridging the Gap (Interim) Director, Amanda Chen. She can be reached by phone at 617-547-3400 ex. 235 or through email at

To reach the director of our program in another community, click on the name to email or call the indicated number.

Attleboro Daniel Dore 508-226-8624
Boston Capt. Darell Houseton 617-318-6937
Cambridge Cynthia Guevara 617-547-3400, ext. 235
Fitchburg Maggie Perez 978-342-3300
Haverhill Robin DelNegro 978-420-4192
Holyoke Anthony Falvo 413-733-1518
Lawrence Robin DelNegro 978-590-0278
Lowell Tanya Cameron 978-458-3396, ext. 227
North Adams Carole Hildebrand 413-663-7987
Pittsfield Carole Hildebrand 413-442-0624
Salem (North Shore) Katina Polemenako MSW 978-744-5181
Springfield Anthony Falvo 413-733-1518
Worcester Danny Diaz 508-756-7191