A Message of Hope from the Divisional Leaders

Majors Davis

Our red shield is highly recognizable and no doubt, represents different things to different people. You, our donors, are a shield to our most vulnerable neighbors. As much as this annual report is about the people we serve, in a very real way, it’s also about you—your influence, your impact, your investment in transforming lives.

As you read through these stories of being a shield for a family, for the future, a shield of belonging, perhaps you will be struck, as I was, with the ages of the people who found themselves in need of help they could only find at The Salvation Army. You will find that people need a shield when they are very young, when they are becoming who they will be in their adolescence and even later when life has robbed them of hope.

A life can be transformed at any age.

A recurring theme to these stories is that people who once needed our services so frequently find a way to give back and be a shield for another person in need.

You will notice that we have retained the compact shape of our annual report that we introduced last year. Many of you responded positively to this new format, which required fewer resources, both natural and financial to share these stories of our mission being fulfilled. The smaller print version does mean we have to shorten the narratives we bring you about people escaping the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for being a shield through your continued support. 

Majors David B. and Margaret W. Davis