Camp Twins

Kristen was anxious about the prospect of a long summer ahead with her active and adorable 8-year-old twins, Sophia and Sarah. For working poor families like hers, school being out
presents the challenges of finding childcare and even of providing nutritious meals with subsidized lunch programs shut down for the summer.

But when this struggling mom heard that The Salvation Army makes summer camp available at highly subsidized rates, she signed the girls up. They had the time of their lives and their mother had peace of mind.

“Summer camp is a good place for kids to be,” says Kristen. “A positive, safe place. As a single parent on a limited income, this really helps me. And it gives them the opportunity to have fun, to interact, to learn, and to do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do.”

Donor support of our summer camps gives children an opportunity to experience things most of us take for granted. “You mean I get to swim every day?” one child asked.

Sophia and Sarah came home with a different question after their week at camp. “When can we go back?”