Communities in Massachusetts just wouldn’t be the same without you! We really mean that. Life in your neighborhood would be just a little less hopeful. There’d be a little less light. And there’d be more men, women, and children in need of help.

But thanks to friends like you, they are getting the help they need. 

Through your compassion and generous support of The Salvation Army, you are reaching out to these desperate neighbors. Thanks to you, hungry children are fed. Families find energy assistance. 

And people in crisis are being helped back on their feet.

This past year you have helped us reach out with:

•    Nutritious food for hungry neighbors
•    Clothing for those in need
•    Safe haven for kids who are at risk
•    Relief supplies for victims of local disasters

Thank you for all the good you are doing for the sake of neighbors in need. Your compassion is truly touching hearts and changing lives.