RonnieMy name is Ronnie. I’m 60 years old, and I’ve had some health issues — including a massive heart attack a few years ago — that have left me unable to work full-time.

I’ve struggled to find enough work as an auto mechanic ever since.

Even when I supplement what little I earn with my Social Security check, it’s not enough. My wife also has some health problems and is unemployed. 

We are barely making it, month to month.

Recently, we were so low on money, I had to sell our coffee table just to get gas money. It got to the point where the power company said they were going to shut off our electricity.

I asked The Salvation Army if they could help, and they did. They helped pay our electric bill. Without them, we would’ve had no power or anything.

I was in a bad spot, and I still am. We’re barely surviving on my salary and my Social Security. But I thank The Salvation Army — and you — for helping us out.