Majors Davis

How can something so old also be so new? That’s one way of looking at The Salvation Army.

The Army celebrates its 150th birthday this year; we’re one of the oldest charitable organizations in the world. The legacy started by founders William and Catherine Booth in 1865 lives on today through our commitment to help suffering people.

Our mission might be old, but because of your generosity, we see new things happening every day.

I see once-shattered lives change for the better. I see hungry people fed. I see addicted people released from their dependencies. I see depressed people discover hope and confidence. I see lost people find purpose and meaning.

I see old things become new.

That’s a great message for the spring season. It’s also what The Salvation Army is all about. And, thanks to your faithful, compassionate support, it’s clear to me that you already know these things.

Thank you so much!