HOPE: defined by Webster as "trust, reliance" and "belief in fulfillment" implying a future.Hop

BRIGADE: identifies "a large body of troops or a group of people organized for a special activity."

HOPE BRIGADE: an appropriate name for this special group of donors who establish a legacy gift for fulfillment of The Salvation Army's mission. Together they give a legacy of hope to others and provide a vision of destiny for the future.

YOUR LEGACY: Your generosity creates a Legacy of Hope for future generations. This is created through careful planning for the distribution of accumulated assets. The use of tax-advantaged gift plans will enable you to provide a more significant legacy of caring and compassion than you ever dreamed possible!

ACT NOW: Our Director of Planned Giving in Massachusetts, Meredith Johnson, has been helping people recognize their vision and compassion through The Salvation Army for more than a decade. She is more than qualified to assist you, your financial advisor or your legal counsel in exploring the options that best serve your family and financial needs while also fulfilling your charitable dreams.

Call Meredith today, toll free at 1-866-338-2769, or email her at MLJohnson@use.SalvationArmy.org to give hope and a future to those in need.