When you reach out to God you can fully expect open hands.

FrameqThroughout history God's open hands have provided followers food, drink, protection and love. Today, your outstretched hands offer comfort and compassion. Your generosity comes from a heart that is open to God.

Strength in Numbers

You are part of God's plan to help provide hope and a future to those who would otherwise have neither. The Hope Brigade brings together an honorary group of individuals whose numbers and dedication enable those less fortunate to overcome obstacles and succeed in life through programs offered by The Salvation Army of Massachusetts.

Help Them, Help Your Family

Legacy Gifts may save taxes, increase your income, supplement your retirement or provide more cost-effective support for a child, grandchild or elderly parent. This can be set up during your lifetime or through your estate plan. We can help you develop a strategy that works for you, your family and those helped by us.

Learn More

The Director of Planned Giving in Massachusetts is Meredith Johnson. She is available to assist you, your financial advisor and legal counsel in exploring available options. She will find a plan that best serves your family and financial needs while fulfilling your charitable intentions. Call Meredith today, toll free at 1-866-338-2769, or email her (MLJohnson@use.SalvationArmy.org) to learn more.