NoSecretIt is no secret. Your legacy is their future.

You can provide a legacy of hope that will keep on giving through the use of tax-advantaged gift plans with The Salvation Army of Massachusetts. Even people of modest means are providing a more significant legacy of caring and compassion than they ever dreamed possible.

Legacy Gifts

There are many types of assets that may be used to fund a Legacy Gift. These assets, including partial undivided interests, may be transferred to or designated for The Salvation Army of Massachusetts through revocable or irrevocable arrangements.

Change a Life

The Director of Planned Giving in Massachusetts is Meredith Johnson. She is available to assist you, your financial advisor and legal counsel in exploring available options. She will find a plan that best serves your family and financial needs while fulfilling your charitable intentions. Call Meredith today, toll free at 1-866-338-2769, or email her ( to learn more.>

Funding Gifts

Your benefits will vary according to the funding assets and the gift plan. Some assets that may fund Legacy Gifts are:

Cash Mutual Funds Publicly Traded Securities
Land Closely Held Stock Partnership Interests
Vacation Property Rental Property Commercial Property
Royalties Copyrights Personal Residence/Farm
Savings Bonds Life Insurance Crops/Livestock
Retirement Plans Art/Antiques Oil/Gas/Mineral Rights
Bank Accounts Brokerage Accounts Automobiles/Boats