Human need is great.

And like The Salvation Army, need never rests. There are no weekends. There are no holidays. 365 days per year. 7 days per week. 24 hours per day.

Serving Need Daily

Daily services provided across the Commonwealth include counseling troubled youth; a safe haven for battered women; meeting with recovering addicts; providing food, shelter and clothing to families in need; elder care; child day care; youth programs; and operating adult rehabilitation centers.

Serving Massachusetts for over 125 years

The Salvation Army's Massachusetts service began in 1884. Today, backed by thousands of officers, employees and volunteers the Army has representatives in every county of the Commonwealth. Across the U.S. there are more than 5,000 officers, 87,000 soldiers (members) and 45,000 employees - and this doesn't count the inspired volunteers who actively work on the front lines or behind the scenes to keep the Army's services strong.

Hope for Millions

Every year thousands of people around Massachusetts and millions of people around the country are given new hope by The Salvation Army thanks to people like you. Your vision for the future and compassion for those in need is immeasurable. Your generosity provides multifaceted local programs whose cumulative results are beyond measure and our communities are the ultimate beneficiary.

Contact Us

The Director of Planned Giving in Massachusetts is Meredith Johnson. She is available to assist you, your financial advisor and legal counsel in exploring available options. She will find a plan that best serves your family and financial needs while fulfilling your charitable intentions. Call Meredith today, toll free at 1-866-338-2769, or email her ( to learn more.

Serving Humanity

The Salvation Army serves humanity without discrimination. Every day, every year, many services are provided including:

Centers for Worship Food for the hungry Residential care for elderly Family Welfare Aid
Alcohol/Drug Addiction Recovery Counseling for offenders Emergency Shelters Disaster Services
Day Centers for Homeless Adult Rehabilitation Welfare to Work Training Childcare
Community Centers Children's Day Camps Camp Wonderland Adult Day Care Centers
Food Banks and Pantries Wonderland Conference Center Bridging the Gap Homeless Child Care