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The roof of a 24-unit apartment building on Low Street in Newburyport partially collapsed under the weight of the snow on February 15.  Officially immediately ordered that the building be evacuated.  Four units were vacant, leaving 20 families displaced, without an opportunity to even back basic necessities.

Within minutes of arriving on scene, Newburyport Police contacted Lt. Jeffery Brunelle of The Salvation Army to request emergency temporary shelter for those affected.

“Any time a family is displaced unexpectedly from their home, it is difficult,” said Lt. Brunelle, “But to lose your home during this frigid, snowy winter, that obviously raises the level of concern for all involved.”

Lunch was provided at The Salvation Army as well as personal care kits (tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.).  Brunelle continued, “Meeting their basic needs is our first priority. We will provide whatever help we can to these families as long as they need us.”

Several of the families have been placed for one to three nights at area hotels by other agencies. The apartment building will require major repairs, and it will likely be more than a month before they can go home.

“These are working families who never expected to need our help,” said Brunelle. “This is why Salvation Army emergency disaster services exist, to be by their side in their darkest hour.”

Several people had to leave their homes without their prescription medications.  The Salvation Army helped them to get in contact with their doctors and arrange for new prescriptions to be written. We then provided transportation for these people to the pharmacy and then also to the hotel where they are staying temporarily.

Financial contributions are the best way to assist The Salvation Army with helping those affected by the winter storms at this point.  Monetary donations allow the Salvation Army to meet the most urgent needs. If you would like to help, click the Give Now button below.

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