We understand that it is difficult for many unemployed people to even find the ambition to conduct an effective job search. 
Many still cannot find the means or the most effective tools. Unemployed people will work together to analyze their situations and to help each other come up with the best job hunting strategy for each person involved.

An Overview of the Program:

1. The club meets once a week for about two hours. After introductions, each member has an opportunity to summarize whatever they may have done that week in the efforts of their job hunt.

2. Members listen to each other and give feedback on particular approaches or situations.

3. General approaches or strategies are discussed. Each person will utilize approaches or ideas that may work best for them.

4. Due to the frustrating nature of job hunting, the sessions may also have characteristics of a support group. Sometimes people will just vent or "let off steam". This is a healthy part of the activity and will often lead to people coming to terms with the situation, feeling better, and being able to conduct a more effective job hunt.

5. Each member then makes a plan for what they will do in the upcoming week towards job hunting.

6. Strong bonds and friendships are often developed making the JOB CLUB somewhat of a social outlet. Due to financial constraints, it is very difficult for many unemployed people to enjoy social activity of any kind.

For more information on the Job Club, please contact the Mystic Valley Corps at 781.324.1970
or visit them at 213-219 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148.