My name is Denise. A little more than a year ago, I was living with my daughter. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and I became homeless for a while, moving from shelter to shelter.

After a while, I came to The Salvation Army, and they really helped me get back on my feet.

At the time, I had a minimum-wage job. The problem was, I spent too much. So one of the staffers helped me get on a budget based on my income. Then she helped me find a higher-paying job and affordable housing.

She also worked with me to set goals for myself and for my life. How many people really sit down and think about that, especially when you’re homeless and you’re just trying to survive? She taught me to set goals and to always work toward something productive.

Now I have my own house and I feel like I’m on solid ground. I asked God for help, and He sent me to The Salvation Army.

And then all kinds of doors opened up for me. Isn’t that something?