Jamie Amanda

It’s reminiscent of an old, old story . . .

A young couple, newly homeless, the wife very pregnant, shows up in a town with no place to stay. They’re almost ready to start knocking on doors when someone suggests The Salvation Army.

So Jamie and Amanda did just that. Before long, The Salvation Army had provided them with food and clothing, checked them into a local motel, and helped Jamie find a job. Ten days later, Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Scarlett.

“Before Scarlett was born, we were at our lowest point,” Amanda says. “We didn’t know where we were going to live, didn’t have jobs, and didn’t have money. Life was so stressful. But The Salvation Army gave us hope that we could find a way out of our problems.”

Within weeks, The Salvation Army had helped Jamie and Amanda obtain food stamps and permanent housing, putting them on the road to self-sufficiency.

“The Salvation Army has been an amazing help,” Jamie says. “They didn’t just give us a handout. They really took time to work with us. They are a godsend.

“Thanks to The Salvation Army, we now have a place of our own and have been able to find solutions to every obstacle we have faced.”