Did you hear the one about how Christmas came to Santa? No, really. That’s her name!

Santa Guzman, a single mom with two kids, was having a hard time paying all her bills from her income cleaning houses. When Christmas rolled around, she’d barely have enough, if any, to buy presents for her children.

“For a single mother,” she says, “it’s very hard.”

Then a friend told her about how The Salvation Army helps needy families — all year-round, but particularly during the holidays. So Santa looked into it, and she qualified for assistance.

Before long, The Salvation Army was providing Christmas gifts for her children — clothes and shoes and a basketball for her 12-year-old son, and practical items for her infant daughter.

On Christmas Eve, Santa put the presents under the tree (yes, you read that right!). And the next morning, her son was thrilled at what he found.

“He was so happy, and I love seeing my son happy,” Santa recalls. “When he opened the presents, he said, ‘Thank you, Mom!’ But I said, ‘No, say thank you to The Salvation Army.’”

Santa also says thanks to friends like you who make these dreams come true for local children and families in need. Yes, even Santa needs presents at Christmas!