Below, you can find a schedule of our worship and fellowship services. Please join us!

For more information about the following worship and fellowship, please call 617.884.0260.

Corps Program Schedule

11:00 am | Sunday Worship - Evangelical meetings at our Center for Worship & Service, preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. (English)

4:30 pm | Bible Study/Prayer - In-depth examination of scriptures conducted by skilled teachers. (Spanish)

4:30 pm | Junior Songsters (Children) - Children share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.
5:00 pm | Sunbeams / Adventure Corps / Girl Guards - Helping girls develop positive social and communication habits and artistic flare and giftedness. We encourage physical, mental, spirtitual and social development in a safe environment for learning.
6:00 pm | Home League (Spanish) - A group designed to give women a chance to relate with each other and participate in clean and wholesome activities while developing a deeper Christian experience and lifelong friendships.
6:00 pm | Instructional Band
6:45 pm | Senior Songsters (Adults) - Adults share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.
7:30 pm | Senior Band

5:30 pm | Prayer Meeting
6:00 pm | Adult Bible Study
6:00 pm | Corps Cadets - Biblical leadership development for youth ages 13-19.
7:00 pm | Women's / Men's Ministry - Activities bringing men and women together to enjoy Bible study, prayer and education programs, recreation, community service, etc.

6:30 pm | Teen Night - Every Friday night teenagers gather to participate in different activities, play games and enjoy fellowship with one another. Through these activities, they solidify friendships with other Christians and grow together in their faith.