AnthonyAnthony's mother was concerned. Her quiet, shy son had changed since entering middle school. His low self-esteem and pattern of following friends created problems. Peer pressure led Anthony into trouble and he began skipping homework and missing curfew.

Anthony's mom had heard about our Bridging the Gap life-skills program for teens and called to enroll him. When Anthony arrived, he was very shy and nervous, making little eye contact. A couple of weeks into the program, he learned to trust the adult counselors.

Anthony started voicing his opinion and opened up to the director about concerns he had with friends. In time, he not only learned to recognize peer pressure, but found ways to avoid it.

Anthony doesn't spend as much time at Bridging the Gap these days because of peer pressure - the good kind. A new friend asked him to join a sports team at school, and the once very shy and timid Anthony decided to go for it! Anthony is doing great at home and his mother reports that the program helped tremendously.