Sarah's had been a long, hard road. A single mom of two young girls, she had endured an abusive marriage and was then abandoned by her husband and left alone to care for her children.

Suddenly faced with providing for her girls, Sarah tried diligently to find employment. But getting back into the workforce proved to be very difficult. She began working odd jobs, anything she could find to try and keep food on the table. But before long, Sarah and her girls were evicted from their home.

Sarah was terrified. She had no money, no car, no family or friends to help, and nowhere to turn. Then she had an idea: The Salvation Army. She had often put change in our red kettles at Christmas and remembered that we help people in need. She was definitely in need.

Thanks to generous people like you, Sarah and her daughters received emergency shelter and food to help them get back on their feet. Katie soon found a job and even started back to school part-time.

Today, Sarah and her girls have their own place. Sarah also has a car that is paid for, and she is almost finished with school. And it's all because friends like you said "yes" in her time of great need.